Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Alarcon combines advanced techniques with personalized care to ensure your restorations are both beautiful and durable. Our services include fillings, crowns, bridges, and implants, ensuring you enjoy optimal dental health and confidence.

Dental Implants

Even significant tooth loss can be seamlessly repaired with the state-of-the-art power of dental implants. Dr. Alarcon is highly trained in this rehabilitative service and can complete every stage of treatment for you right here in-office, ensuring a high level of convenience and comfort.

Crowns & Bridges

When teeth are weakened, injured, or lost altogether, a custom-made dental restoration is highly recommended. Our dental office is home to several quality options, including dental crowns and bridges. All-ceramic materials are available for these additions as well, which will leave you with a highly lifelike result.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Traditionally, dark amalgam fillings were the treatment of choice for repairing damage caused by cavities. There’s now an alternative that provides a much better aesthetic value without sacrificing the restorative benefits your smile needs in this situation. Our tooth-colored fillings are crafted from composite resin, which comes in a variety of lifelike shades that can be closely matched with your natural enamel. This material is also highly flexible and conservative, allowing Dr. Alarcon to craft much smaller fillings that preserve more of the natural tooth.

Dentures & Partials

Dentures can provide a reliable and affordable replacement for patients who have lost a significant number of natural teeth. Dr. Alarcon offers several quality options for this type of prosthetic, including hybrid dentures that are designed to attach to implants for greater permanence and stability.

Root Canal Therapy

If you have a tooth that is severely pained, an advanced infection may be raging within its natural structure. Root canal therapy may be able to cleanse the tooth and preserve it, helping your smile remain complete for many more years to come.

Tooth Extractions

While this procedure is never our team’s first recommendation, tooth extraction can become necessary over time for a variety of different reasons. The process itself will always be handled as smoothly and comfortably as possible, and Dr. Alarcon can start working with you on rebuilding what was lost right away if needed.

CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns

If you are looking to add protection to a damaged or severely decayed tooth but don’t want the hassle of two dental visits, CEREC Same-Day Crowns might be right for you. These custom-made restorations are crafted in-house using advanced CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) technology. Not only will your dental crown be created while you wait, but it will be permanently affixed before you leave! With this alternative solution, you can save time and be on your way with a new and improved smile.