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Clear Aligners

One of the worst things about wearing a brace is seeing how it interferes with the aesthetics of your smile. Therefore, aligners like Invisalign are becoming more and more popular. Especially among adults. It is the best way to smile without being embarrassed.

Surely you have a thousand questions on the subject. At Wiser Smiles we want to solve all your doubts. Therefore, in this article you will find the most complete information on the Internet about this treatment, and we will talk about quality, aesthetics and its price.

Invisible braces

This type of orthodontics consists of a series of plastic splints made to measure for the patient. Your orthodontist will make a 3D scan of your mouth with which he will plan the treatment.

The splints will fit perfectly with your teeth, and you should wear them for about two weeks. Later, they are changed by other splints. Little by little and as you change them, your teeth will align due to the application of constant forces.

Best of all, no one will probably notice you're wearing them. This is the reason why singers and artists in Hollywood prefer this type of orthodontics.





Every smile is unique, which is why your Invisalign treatment starts with a consultation. During your consultation, we will help you determine what Invisalign treatment could do for your smile. We cannot guarantee a particular treatment outcome but encourage you to share your treatment goals with us at your consultation. 

Invisalign treatment can be a great solution for both adults and teens looking for a virtually invisible method to improve their smile. Our innovations and technological advancements make it possible to fix nearly all common teeth-straightening and bite issues, from simple to complex — all without interrupting your busy life. And, thanks to a discreet blue dot on the outside of teen aligners, parents can be sure their child is wearing their clear aligners enough.

Depending on the complexity of your case, you could complete your treatment in as little as 6 months. But you'll start seeing results in a matter of weeks.

We will create a unique, digital treatment plan that maps out the exact movements of your teeth. Your Invisalign clear aligners are then designed to apply the right amount of force to the right place at the right time based on your plan. We will be with you every step of the way to monitor your progress and ensure your aligners fit correctly. 

Advantages of Invisalign orthodontics

  • Comfort: It does not cause any pain or problems speaking although it is a little uncomfortable for the first 3 or 4 days.

  • Aesthetics: It's practically invisible, no one will notice it unless you tell them you're wearing it.

  • No food restriction: thanks to the fact that they are removable, you can and should remove it when eating or drinking anything other than water. Therefore, you can ingest anything if you are not wearing them.

  • Hygienic: you can take them off to brush or floss.

  • 3D scanner: thanks to Invisalign technology you can see your treatment step by step in 3D animation and revisit it whenever you want through its mobile application.

  • Speed: Treatments are usually a little shorter with this type of orthodontics.

Disadvantages of Invisalign orthodontics

  • It is necessary that patients are aware of the time of use since using them for less than 22 hours a day is likely to lengthen the treatment.

  • You must remove them before any meal.

  • You should brush your teeth before putting the splints back on.

  • It is possible that the first days you have dental sensitivity.

Who can use Invisalign?

Transparent orthodontics is an option for patients of any age, be they children, adolescents or adults. You can even wear invisalign with bridges or implants, but you must specify in the Clincheck or planning that you do not want to move those teeth. However, there are conditions that do not allow the use of this type of orthodontics.

We recommend that you book an appointment to make a diagnosis to find out if you are fit to wear invisible braces.

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