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Wearing false teeth is quite common, especially in people of a certain age. Throughout life, our teeth deteriorate, we experience oral health problems or have accidents. The solution in many cases is to remove them.

Dentures fulfill a double function: on an aesthetic level they give us back our smile, and on a functional level they allow us to continue chewing, pronouncing and speaking correctly. But most importantly: they allow us to continue with our daily lives.

A denture is a prosthesis for the mouth that consists of several artificial teeth that go on the same mold and that are used to replace one or more lost natural teeth. It is used for people to continue with their normal lives, increasing their confidence both aesthetically and functionally. That is, that they can continue eating and chewing, that they provide comfort and that they give them a good appearance.

At first, dentures can be a bit of a pain. It is a foreign object that the body is not used to. It is normal for the first few days to have some problems pronouncing words correctly. You may even feel annoying rubbing in some parts of the gum. Also, your mouth will secrete more saliva than usual. But don't worry little by little you will control all the discomforts as you adapt to them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Dentures

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